Yenişehir district is one of the most important cities not only in Mersin but also in the region with its education, health, culture, arts and sports infrastructure and social facilities.

According to the Turkey Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT)'s 2021 data; with a population of 268.776 people, Yenişehir constitutes 14.38% of the population of Mersin.

Mersin Marina is the largest marina of the Eastern Mediterranean, so Yenişehir has become a major circulation city in terms of maritime. A vairety of accomodation service is provided to our foreign guests with two 5-star hotels, one 4-star hotel and two 3-star hotels located in our district.

With the modern sports facilities, Yenişehir has become a city that hosts many national and international organizations. In addition to the international 17th Mediterranean Games held in 2013, many national sports organizations were also held in Yenişehir. Yenişehir has become a hot spot for the organization committees for it's infrastructure and involvement in sports.

Mersin Stadium with a capacity of 25 thousand spectators, Nevin Yanıt Athletics Track with a capacity of 2 thousand 767 spectators, Servet Tazegül Sports Hall with a capacity of 5 thousand people, Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool with a capacity of 1000 spectators are amongst the sports faciliteis located in Yenişehir. It is ready for new organizations with its Gymnastics Hall with a capacity of 1,000 spectators, Edip Buran Sports Hall with a capacity of 1350 spectators and many other sports centers.

The modern vision of Yenişehir Municipality plays an important role on the basis of Yenişehir's great leap forward in every sense and achieving these opportunities.